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Dr Jenny Goodman - ANP member profile

18 Aug 2020 09:33 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dr Jenny Goodman has spent 20 years improving the health of patients after their GPs had failed to find out what was making them unwell. She has studied the drastic effect that both environmental pollution and poor nutrition can have on our bodies and minds and how they are contributing to an epidemic of 21 st century illnesses including hayfever , hyperactivity, chronic fatigue, cancer, eczema, diabetes, heart attacks and

Jenny practises Ecological Medicine, which explores a person’s “environmental history” to see what damaging toxins they are being or have been exposed to. She understands how nutrients can be used to help “detox” these pollutants and reduce their impact on our bodies and brains. Ecological Medicine views the whole body as an ecosystem living within the larger ecosystem of the planet we live on.

Staying Alive in Toxic Times is a practical handbook that distils Jenny’s years of experience. It's a book that will help you to improve your health right now and prevent disease in the future.

Jenny explains how to eat naturally according to the seasons of the year as well as through all the stages of your life from pre conception to pregnancy, childhood to middle age and menopause to old age. She shows how to safely and effectively supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals sorting through the confusing array of diets and healthy eating fads to help you keep well at any age.

The book contains case studies which illustrate how recovery can be possible without drugs and whether or not your symptoms fit a familiar pattern in the medical textbooks. This is an empowering book offering an approach to life long health that includes but transcends the understandings of conventional medicine.

Jenny Goodman says: “

Twenty years of practising Ecological Medicine has shown me what medical school never taught me, that people can get better and remain better without recourse to dangerous drugs. Ecological Medicine is joined up medicine, the medicine we need now . It is the application of biochemisty to the real life health problems of today and it is preventive medicine as well. Everyone is entitled to know it for the sake of their own and their children’s health. I felt I had to share what I and my colleagues and my patients have learnt.

Dr Jenny Goodman is a medical doctor, broadcaster and lecturer. After qualifying and working in general medicine, surgery and A&E, she took post graduate training in Ecological Medicine that radically transformed her approach to helping patients.

Jenny has been practising Ecological Medicine at her busy London practice for many years. She is passionate about making medical and nutritional knowledge accessible to the general public and is a popular and much sought after lecturer and broadcaster. Staying Alive in Toxic Times is her first book.

About 12 years ago Dr. Jenny set up a case-history discussion group, which included nutritional therapists and naturopaths as well as eco-doctors, and soon we were all learning from each other. The BSEM, too, welcomes alternative practitioners, and I believe we are breaking down the barriers between our respective disciplines, united by the desire to understand root causes, and to use gentle, natural, non-Pharma approaches to healing. I have learnt such a lot from naturopaths and nutritional therapists, and hopefully that is mutual, as many of them have sat in on my consultations.  I believe it is high time to end the outrageous snobbery that has kept medics apart from other (often better!) practitioners, and that is my main reason for wanting to join the ANP. I hope we can continue to build bridges and learn from each other, which is more vital than ever in today’s troubled times.

Dr. Jenny is a ANP member and currently sees clients mostly out of Biolab in central London.