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DNA, Diet & the Dance of the Hormones

  • 21 Mar 2019
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • London, College of Naturopathic Medicine, 25 Percy Circus, WC1X 9EU


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DNA, Diet & the Dance of the Hormones

by Angela Heap and Emma Beswick

Angela and Emma will describe how to use DNA testing to identify the root cause of health issues and empower practitioners to support their clients through personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice.

You will learn about the key genes and variants impacting methylation and steroid hormone pathways and how DNA and functional testing can help inform nutritional therapy protocols to achieve and support hormone balance, fertility and pregnancy.

Starting with single genes and SNPs and quickly building up to more complex, and interesting, biochemical pathway analysis. We will discuss the need to join the dots and need to consider the interconnectedness of genes with other genes, cofactors (nutrients) and inhibitors across systems.

Instead of guessing at what the issues are and wasting time and money on lab tests or supplements that may or may not ‘work’ nutrigenomics informs us where to look and what can been done to support the individual. It is the most powerful tool in nutritional medicine in decades.

About Angela Heap 

Angela HeapAngela Heap is an experienced nutritionist focusing on hormones, fertility & pregnancy, and is skilled in the use of genetic & functional testing to enable personalised nutrition and lifestyle approaches to support fertility and pregnancy. www.fertileground-nutrition.com

About Emma Beswick

Image result for emma beswickEmma Beswick is a graduate of CNM, registered nutritional therapist and founder of Lifecode Gx. Lifecode Gx empowers health professionals to use genetic testing and analysis in practice. See www.lifecodegx.com for product information and training events or email team@lifecodegx.com to register as a practitioner.

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